NYCC: Where’s all the games?!


This year’s NYCC was, in my opinion, a disappointment in terms of games. Some big names did show up, like Namco Bandai, and Capcom, and they did have some good game-related goods and some panels. However, compared to years past, and other conventions, this show was lacking. There were very few game-focused panels or events, and also no prominent games-related guests besides Rooster Teeth and the developers.

Nintendo didn’t even show up this year. Last year, they had a large, popular booth set up despite not having a ton of new games to showcase. This year, with Super Smash Bros., new Pokemon, a new 3DS, and a bunch of other new promising titles to help the Wii U gain traction against the competition, they fail to show up at all. I was disappointed in the lack of Nintendo most of all. I would have loved to have seen them showcasing the new games and possibly giving out swag as they did last year.

Nintendo’s absence wasn’t the only glaring problem with the games presence at NYCC. There was absolutely no esports play going on in the convention. In years past, they would have a massive section cut out of the show floor with PCs playing League of Legends, Dota, Starcraft, and more in a semi-competitive setup. This year? Nothing. I understand wanting to make room for more booths, but there was absolutely no presence at all anywhere in the con, which is strange given the past few events. I would have liked to see something.

The only other games in attendance were Activision’s Skylanders: Swap Force and Trap Team. which is now available on iPad. Also, an indie mobile RPG-style game called Brave Frontier, and also Killing Floor 2. Killing Floor 2 was definitely exciting to see, but I wish it had a bigger presence.

I know that NYCC is a multi-genre event with a lot to cover, but this year the video games coverage was sad and it has made me seriously consider not going next year if the games portion is as lacking as this year.

One thought on “NYCC: Where’s all the games?!

  1. I was SUPER disappointed. I even called Ubisoft out on it. They did had they usual tournaments, but it was sooooo underwhelming compared to last year where they showed off AC4 on the PS4 before the system was even out. Nintendo was nowhere to be found, which I couldnt fathom. It was a giant let down.


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