Apple Watch and the “Apple Bias”

Ever since Apple announced their entry into the smartwatch game, people have had very mixed reactions.

A lot of the media hype about the device has been your standard “Apple is the best” pandering where they say that this smartwatch is better than everything because Apple made it, regardless of what it can actually do. Examples of that are everywhere, and it’s to be expected since generally everything Apple does is met with that mindset, and usually they’re kind of correct. Apple makes some fantastic, revolutionary products. They started the tablet and smartphone markets as a mainstream thing, but honestly this time I don’t think they’re right.

They claim the watch is a “game changer” or a “must buy” device, despite it’s shortcomings and hilarious price points (The most premium version goes for upwards of $10,000…) Meanwhile, there are plenty of cheaper and sometimes better alternatives available. Compared to similarly priced devices, the Apple Watch offers little to separate itself and justify the price. Short battery life (18 hours~ with “normal use”); expensive, proprietary watch bands; and no “killer feature” besides Apple Pay integration, which is a wonderful idea, make this just another entry. But it’s Apple’s entry, so look out cause it’s gonna sell like gangbusters.

The much more popular reaction I’ve seen in the media is a resounding “meh” about the Apple Watch announcement. It’s a justified response, in my opinion. But these responses generally come from those “in the know” and are part of the industry or follow it closer than the average consumer. That poses a problem, to me at least. One company dominating media coverage, and almost always getting the positive spin. But I guess that’s the nature of technology journalism when Apple is involved.

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