GDC: My experience

GDC 2015 was very exciting. There were a lot of great games from a lot of great companies, and game engines Unity, Unreal, and Cryengine were present to showcase their new technology and give tutorials on how to use their engines. What I have here is just some highlights from the expo floor.

I met a lot of cool people, including developers from Riot games, Blizzard, Bioware and more. I even got to meet some awesome indie devs from Other Ocean, creator of #idarb and the creator of Terraria. The offerings on the expo floor were the most exciting thing, at least to me, at GDC.

Xbox brought a ton of hardware and new titles such as Gigantic and Smite, two MOBAs for the Xbox One and Windows 10. They showcased all the new Windows 10 features, and the cross-play capabilities with Xbox One consoles. It all worked very well, and left me excited for gaming on Windows 10 in the future.

Playstation unfortunately didn’t bring quite as much to the table this year. Mainly they had some games on showcase like The Order: 1886 andĀ Hotline Miami 2, but were mainly there for developer networking.

VR was the biggest new technology on showcase at GDC. Valve and HTC unveiled their Vive headset and Steam VR, which took the gaming world by storm. Oculus and Samsung were showcasing Gear VR for phones, and almost every booth had some sort of VR controller or new technology for sensing motion. It is certainly promising and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Steam VR headset, which was unfortunately not on display the day I went.

Google and Android TV were also prominent on the expo floor. Google was there showing off Project Tango, the 3D scanning technology they developed for mobile devices. There were also a few new Android TV set top boxes/consoles on display from Razer and Nvidia. The Razer Forge and Nvidia Shield both seem like excellent PC streaming devices and set top boxes for anyone, with competitive price points and excellent features. I expect to do more in-depth coverage later on when they’re closer to launch.

Besides all the exciting new tech there were some interesting things on the expo floor at GDC. A two-man swing that allows users to control a game was an interesting idea, and other creative new games and devices littered the expo floor.

I wish I had stayed for more than one day so I could see more of what GDC had to offer, but school got in the way. Next year I plan to go back and see the whole conference, and get some good content!


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